Unaccompanied & Separated Minors

The term “separated minors” refers to minors who have been separated from both parents or their established legal or customary primary caregiver, though this may not necessarily involve separation from other relatives. This category can encompass children in the company of different adult family members. On the other hand, unaccompanied children, also known as unaccompanied minors, are those who have been set apart from both parents and additional relatives, lacking care from an adult with legal or customary responsibility for them. For more information refer here.

Arrivals of Unaccompanied & Separated Minors

Arrivals of Unaccompanied & Separated Minors, per Age Group

Presence of Unaccompanied & Separated Minors in Greece

Data based on referrals to the National Centre for Social Solidarity, they refer to the December of each year – they are not aggregated, nor average, they refer to the specific time.

Asylum Applications of Unaccompanied Minors

As a percentage of all the asylum applications in Greece.

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