Migration Data – Greece

Data Repository Overview: Our Methodology at MedMA

At MedMA, our commitment to providing reliable data on migration and asylum is rooted in its role in assessing the current state of affairs and evaluating policy effectiveness.

Given the nature of asylum and migration management in Greece, data are dispersed across various ministries and international agencies, often presented in diverse formats. Navigating this intricate data landscape poses a challenge for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of migration and asylum in Greece. To address this, MedMA’s webpage serves as a centralized hub, collating all publicly available data related to Greece and presenting it in a user-friendly, interactive format. Our data is categorized into distinct sections, each accompanied by explanatory notes, when needed. Also, source datasets and charts are readily downloadable.

Choice of sources: MedMA has observed that Eurostat provides longer time series of data which may have been rounded up. At the same time, the datasets provided by Greek ministries may often be more accurate but at the same time, they may refer to shorter periods. In cases where the Greek ministries do not provide long time series, Eurostat is preferred.

We encourage you to delve into the data, explore its nuances, and gain valuable insights.